placer county beach volleyball

No Egos.  No Attitudes.  Old School Rules.

Welcoming A-Level, 2-man sand volleyball players from Roseville, Rocklin,
Lincoln, Loomis, Auburn and surrounding counties including Sacramento
and El Dorado.
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New Site

December 5, 2014

The new site is up and running, and the mobile has been updated as well. New features to our site include:
  • A new, redesigned and streamlined dashboard on the header of every page so you can take care of any business regardless where you're at on the site.
  • Member search - Search for any member by first or last name. Results will appear with phone number if provided and direct link to that person's bio page. NOTE: This feature is only available to members who are logged in. The general public will not be able to access this privilege.
  • A new photo gallery page with thumbnail previews
  • A direct link to our online store
  • An overall cool, airy design
  • Behind the scenes stuff that makes us much more search engine friendly so we can get the word out and continue to grow our community
We're also now on Twitter. You can access our Twitter feed here. Sign up and follow PlacerCoVBall. I'm pretty good about keeping our Facebook page fresh, and will put forth the same effort for our Twitter feed. Looks like we're all tucked in for our winter nap thanks to Mother Nature. Hopefully we get an early jump on 2015 and get started earlier than we did this year. I've been nursing a shoulder tear for the last few months, so my season was unfortunately cut short and I'm looking to make up for lost time next year. Happy holidays all!
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